V-Day Date Ideas

Movie Night In

On a budget or prefer to skip out on the crowds on Valentine’s Day? Cozy up on the couch for a movie night in with your lover. Valentine’s Day should be exciting, so do something a little differently than your average, anyday movie night. Bake cupcakes, drizzle some popcorn with pink tinted white chocolate or light some candles for some extra Valentine’s Day magic.

Restaurant Hop

Be warned, this super fun idea takes some planning in advance. I first heard about this from my parents who have been happily married for 25 years, and I fell in love with the idea. If you’re bored of the same old sit-down dinners, spice it up by hopping around in an area populated with lots of eateries. You can start by having cocktails and appetizers at your favorite happy hour hot spot and sit down for your main meal at a nicer place. Finish up with some nightcap drinks and dessert wherever your appetite takes you! I love this idea, mainly because my boyfriend and I love to go out to eat together. This is a really fun way to do something special for the holiday.

Valentine’s Day on the Mountain

This idea isn’t for everyone, but the very first Valentine’s Day my boyfriend and I spent together was spent snowboarding, and I loved it. We’re an active couple and I like to think we’re pretty unconventional, so when the fresh snow fell the day before Valentine’s Day, our plans were set. Snowboarding might not sound like the most romantic idea, but I can promise you it was so, so much fun to just relax and do something we both enjoy. Hit the slopes and unwind with drinks and dinner in the Ski Lodge afterwards for a romantic touch on the day.

In Good Company

Are you that socialite couple? Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be an exclusive celebration. Share the love and plan a group dinner with some friends or other couples for a more social Valentine’s celebration. Of course, you can always plan a dinner at your favorite restaurant, but group dinners at home can be really fun and more intimate. Make your dinner party more efficient and easier to do by having every person/couple bring a dish to share.

Chef Around

If you’re feeling ambitious on Valentine’s Day, get together with your best friends or lovers and cook a meal together. Pour some wine, throw on some fun music and spend some quality time prepping your favorite meal. It’ll be extra rewarding when you sit down to enjoy.

Gal-entine’s Day

Valentine’s Day does NOT have to be with a man, ladies. Get together with your closest girlfriends for a night out or a movie staying in. Show that love and appreciation for your ladies. No one ever said that you need a man to have fun on Valentine’s Day.


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