Get Toasty | 5 Best Avo Toasts in NYC

The Smith

Made with 2 extra crunchy baguette slices, this avocado toast tops my list of favorites in NYC. I’m not sure what The Smith is doing to season their avocado, but whatever they’re doing is magic. The Smith tops their toast with fresh sprouts and a poached egg, I promise you it’s just as amazing as it sounds.

Café Henrie

Oui oui, Cafe Henrie! This risque cafe in the East Village serves up some amazing food. It’s all healthy, but you’d never know it by the taste. Their avocado toast is spicy and topped with fresh arugula.. my absolute favorite green. I also highly suggest the almond milk latte from Cafe Henrie, creamy and fresh brewed to perfection.

The Butcher’s Daughter

Who doesn’t love The Butcher’s Daughter? Almost everything on their menu is to die for, but nothing gets me like their avocado toast. This cafe in SoHo has not one, not two, but three different types of avocado toasts, one of which is topped with burrata cheese and a fresh strawberry & corn salsa. Are you drooling yet?

The Bonnie

If you’re someone who likes getting a little adventurous with their food, I suggest trying the Smashed Avocado Toast at The Bonnie. Far from basic, this toast is topped with avocado (obviously), cucumber, mint, feta cheese, poached egg and Aleppo peppers. It’s heaven in your mouth. This dish is only available during brunch, so plan a brunch date with your girls and see for yourself how perfect this toast is.

Bluestone Lane

My mouth is literally watering thinking about Bluestone Lane’s Avocado Smash. It’s so good that it’s been mentioned in a number of different magazines and newspapers, including the New York Times. Bluestone Lane’s head chef perfectly crafted this avocado smash, as he calls it, with feta cheese, cherry tomatoes, poached egg, seasoned arugula and drizzled with olive oil and tahini sauce. Yes please!


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