If you’re into cool photos, fashion and food, you’ll feel right at home here. Gypsy Sunday is a passion project; a way for to share the things I love with like-minded people. On the blog, you’ll find everything from travel guides, to smoothie bowl recipes and trend reports. I’m inspired by the beauty of everyday life and my posts stem out of that inspiration. Take a look around! Get to know Gypsy Sunday and get inspired.

While I’d love to pretend that my alter ego was my real name, my actual name is Brittany (super generic, I know). Gypsy Sunday is my baby and I pour endless amounts of passion into making it the best it can be, not just for me, but for the benefit of all of you! I’m currently based out of New York, but have an insatiable sense of wanderlust, so you’ll quickly find out that I’m a wanderer, an adventurer, a gypsy.