Dieting Made Easy with Kettlebell Kitchen | Gypsy Fit

For anyone who doesn’t know, my boyfriend is a bodybuilder. Obviously health and wellness are super important to him, especially when he’s training for competition. I’ve always been a healthy eater, though I can admit that it’s not always easy to keep up with. We’ve recently had the opportunity to team up with Kettlebell Kitchen and test out their delivery meal plan service. I think we both instantly fell in love.

At first, we were both pretty skeptical about a meal delivery service. We both can be pretty picky when it comes to our food, pretty much because it’s something we’re both obsessed with. We weren’t sure what it would taste like or if it would heat up well, but I think it’s safe to say that we’re both in a serious love affair with Kettlebell Kitchen.

The delivery process is super simple and convenient with literally tons of pick up locations in so many different areas. We placed the order online, which was actually really fun… like online shopping, but for food. We picked our meals up from my boyfriend’s local Crossfit gym a few days later and that’s it. It was really that simple. Kettlebell Kitchen has a variety of different meals, so we switched it up by ordering a mix of breakfast foods and things that would be better for lunch and dinner. Delicious.

Kettlebell Kitchen’s menu is pretty extensive and is always changing to give you real variety so you never get bored. The best part about Kettlebell Kitchen is how easy it is to stick to your diet using their service. They outline the proteins, carbs and fats on every. single. package. and are totally transparent about the ingredients. If you’re a fitness competitor, like my boyfriend, or just someone like me, whose into eating healthy and being good to my body, this service is 100% worth a try.


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