Home Inspiration

Home and interior decor is something I’ve always loved. I’m right in the middle of redecorating my bedroom (for the millionth time) and thought I’d share some of my inspiration with you guys.

Your apartment/bedroom/home is your sanctuary and your space should reflect your individual personality, likes and dislikes. I’ve always been a fan of having lots of greenery and flowers in my bedroom. I think it freshens up the space and literally brings life to some empty areas. I also love white linens. There’s something so clean and crisp about white accents that I happen to really love. Among other things, you’ll always find lots of candles, faux fur accents and trendy, minimalist art in my new bedroom.

Hope you guys are just as inspired by these amazing spaces as I am!



    • gypsysunday
      March 11, 2017 / 2:44 am

      Right! It’s the perfect inspiration.

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