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One of my favorite things to do in the summertime is picnic with friends. It’s a super easy, relaxed way to enjoy the warm weather and the company of friends. Plus, it’s really hard to throw a bad get together when you’re offering food and wine.

I’m feeling super lucky right now and just had my dream picnic with Speak Wines. If you haven’t heard of Speak Wines, they’re a super fun and trendy wine company. Their sassy bottle designs are so amazing that you’ll find yourself buying more wine than you need because you can’t choose just one bottle. My sister is a super important part of my life and an backyard picnic seemed like the perfect way to reconnect with her after too many weeks of being too busy. I’m actually really proud of myself for putting this picnic together… thank you Pinterest for the inspiration 😉

My sister died when she saw the Speak Wines bottle. We had so much fun chatting over their sparkling white wine and catching up on the latest news in each others’ lives. Just like anyone else, my sister and I love pairing wines and cheeses. We went with some amazing cheddar, brie and mozzarella to go with our Speak Wine and couldn’t have been more in love with the pairings.

Obviously Pinterest was a huge inspiration for this picnic & a lot of work went into getting the set up just right. Below are my top 5 tips for throwing a Pinterest-worthy picnic!

1. Buy string lights. Who knows why, but string lights make literally any set up look a little more magical and helps to put the aesthetic over the top.

2. Color coordinate. I know that sounds ridiculous & I’m a little OCD so this stuff is fun for me, but if you set a color theme for the table or the decor, it really helps to give it that cohesive look.

3. Lots of… pillows. Pillows are probably the last thing you’d expect to be bringing to a picnic, but they make the set up look cozy, inviting and obviously a little nicer. I promise they end up being functional and great for lounging.

4. Wooden pallet tables. When I was looking around on Pinterest for inspiration, most, if not all of the picnic set ups used wooden pallets as tables. So I did a little research and these things are actually free. Stores have zero use for them after their deliveries come in so they’re more than willing to let you take as many as you need. Cost efficient and cute.

5. Lots of fun wine. You really can’t go wrong with alcohol and eating and Speak Wines makes THE cutest bottles. They’re perfect for fun, lighthearted picnics and are definitely a conversation piece.

Happy picnicking! If you guys have any questions or suggestions for great picnics feel free to drop them in the comment section below!


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