Skinny Avo Toast

It’s no secret… Avocado toast is having a serious moment, and for a good reason. It’s unbelievably delicious, but if you’re feeling a little guilty about all of that bread, this Skinny Avo Toast is the perfect solution.

Ever heard of Ezekiel bread? It’s made from sprouted grains (good things like lentils, millet, seeds, etc.) These are good carbs. Yes, I said it. And yes, there is such a thing as healthy carbs. The ingredients that make up Ezekiel bread are natural, plant sources of protein and have tons of body-loving amino acids that your bikini will thank you for come summer.

Avocado has all of those good fats:  the kind of fats that are packed with Vitamin E and antioxidants. Hello glowy skin!

So, indulge in this perfectly crafted Skinny Avo Toast! It’s guilt free and just as delicious as any other avocado toast around.


1 Piece of Ezekiel Bread

1 Whole Organic Avocado

Sesame Seeds

Cayenne Pepper



Fresh Greens (cilantro, basil, any other green you love)

Other fun & healthy Skinny Avo Toppings:


Egg Whites


Hot Sauce


Reduced Fat Feta cheese


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