Stress Less, Look Better

Stress is probably one of the worst things you could put your body through. Not only is stress unhealthy for the mind, body and spirit, but if you’re living a stressed life, you’ll never reach your bod goals. Not only does stress lead you to sprint to the nearest gallon ice cream to eat away your troubles, but on a chemical level, stress releases this terrible thing called cortisol. Cortisol is responsible for those insatiable stress cravings and the worst part is that it makes it SO much easier for your body to store and accumulate fat.

Now, while I’m sure you want to pop the cork on that wine bottle and sip your stress away, alcohol is doubly bad for the mind and body. Believe it or not, though it sounds like some hippy trippy stuff, nature is the best cure to stress. Check out the chart below for my favorite, all-natural (and all-healthy) ways to destress.



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